In view of the current COVID-19 situation, access to KOJADI office premises is limited. Our office premise is temporary closed until 31 March 2020. However, you may still speak to us on your queries:

For non-SME Loan Repayment, please dial 0105161890 or

For SME loan repayment, please dial 01135387009

For Membership and Loan enquiries, dial 0107959330 or 0125853123

Stay safe and healthy. Thank you and have a nice day.


由于当前的冠状肺炎疫情严峻,本社业务运作将受限制。 本社门市生意将暂停至2020 3 31。查询运作照常。请随时与我们联系:


偿还中小企业贷款,   请拨01135387009

申请会员及贷款, 请拨0107959330 0125853123



 JomPAY Winner 2019 BG
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Caption (From Left To Right)

Mr Neo Wei Sen(Assistant Manager of PayNet), Mr Chiang Jun Yee(Manager of Public Bank), Mr Lau Jian Yeong(Consolation Prize winner), Mr Lua Chong Guay(Grand Prize winner), KOJADI Chairman Datuk Wira Koh Nai Kwong, KOJADI Director Datuk Lim Si Cheng, KOJADI General Manager Ms Tan Bean


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As informed by the authorities and reported in the media, the authorities have on 3 July 2019 ordered to be frozen KOJADI’s bank account held in RHB Bank Berhad bearing number 26423600008938 for ninety days in connection with the financial grant received by KOJADI from Yayasan 1MDB in 2012. The aforesaid financial grant from Yayasan 1MDB is for the purpose of implementing a socio-economic scheme for youths and young entrepreneurs called KOJADI Micro Credit Scheme. The Scheme has since been implemented and financing in the form of micro credit loans has been provided to eligible KOJADI Members. The aforesaid banking account at RHB Bank Berhad is operated separately by KOJADI for funds from the Yayasan IMDB grant.

KOJADI is co-operating fully with the authorities in resolving the matter relating to the aforesaid financial grant from Yayasan 1MDB.

We wish to inform all valued members and business partners that except the freezing of the aforesaid banking account, all other banking accounts and activities of KOJADI remain to operate as usual.



4TH JULY 2019


Tel: 0321616499 Fax:03-21621413







本社获得当局告知及如媒体所报道, 鉴于本社2012年从Yayasan 1MDB获得的财务拨款,当局于20197 3 日命令冻结本社于兴业银行有限公司(RHB Bank Berhad)所持有的账户(号码26423600008938) 为期90 天。上述Yayasan 1MDB 财务拨款的宗旨是为青年及青年企业者推行一项称为《自立合作社青年微型贷款》的社会经济计划。此计划已经落实, 为本社合格社员提供微型贷款形式的融资。 上述兴业银行的账户专门为该Yayasan 1MDB的财务拨款的款项个别开设。

与此同时, 本社正与当局充分合作, 以求解决该Yayasan 1MDB 财务拨款的事宜。

本社谨此奉告全体珍贵的社员及商业伙伴, 除了上述被冻结的账户以外, 本社其他银行账户及社务照常运作。



20197 4


电话: 03-21616499 传真:03-21621413







  KOJADI is one of the Top 100 Co-operative Societies for 10 years in a row*

We provide the following loan products:

          1. Education loan ( for local and overseas study)
          2. SME Loan
          3. Micro Credit
          4. TUKAR/ATOM Programme
          5. Property Loan

No Agents or Middlemen. Apply or contact directly with us

*Ranked by Malaysian Co-operative Societies Commission

Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad
(Koop, Negara No. 49)
Address: 11th Floor, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21616499 / 010-7959330
Email: or
Business Hours: Monday-Friday,8.30am -5.30pm

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下月召开年度大会 、拟派息 4.5%




  本社已订于下个月24 日召开第36 届年度代表。大会议程包括通过董事部建议的2017财务年股息 4.5% 给合格社员。

  成立于1981年的自立合作社目前为社员提供的服务和贷款产品包括各类教育贷款及商业贷款计划华裔中小企业贷款计划、国内外教育贷款计划、杂货店转型贷款计划、修车厂现代化贷款计划、房产贷款计划、及微型贷款计划等,欢迎社员询问、申请 更多详情请联络电话:03-21616499 




KOJADI committed to serve its communities


AGM in June to approve 4.5% dividend

Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (KOJADI) one of the leading co-operative societies in the country continues to operate and serves its members and the public as usual.

KOJADI’s operations are not affected by the results of the recent general election as it is an autonomous entity owned by over 60,000 members of all races and operates in accordance with the Co-operative Societies Act, 1993 and under the supervision and regulation by the Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission. The cooperative ‘s activities, including education loan, Small and Medium Enterprise Loan, and members services are functioning as usual, the statement added.

KOJADI has scheduled to hold its 36th Annual General Meeting of Delegates on 24 June 2018. The meeting, among other things, will approve a 4.5% final tax exempt dividend for financial year ended 31st December 2017 to eligible members.

KOJADI, founded in 1981, offers a variety of education and business loans to its members. The loan products include SME Loan, education loans for local and overseas higher education, loans for Retailers Transformation Programme (TUKAR) and Automotive Workshop Modernisation Programme (ATOM), Property loan, and Microcredit. For application and further details on KOJADI’s loan products, contact03-2161 6499 .



Please take note that KOJADI has never appointed and/or authorised any third parties or agents for its SME Loan Scheme and all of its other loan schemes. Kindly forward any enquiry and/or your loan application directly to KOJADI at 03-21616499.


敬请注意, 本社從未委任和/或授权任何第三者或代理代办本社的《中小企业贷款计划》或任何其他贷款计划!如有疑惑或欲申请本社贷款,请直接联络本社(电话:03-21616499


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 Notice 通告

Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2013 approved dividend payment via electronic payment (E-Dividend).

Appealing and requesting all KOJADI members to provide the co-operative with their individual bank account information for E-Dividend.

For more information on E-Dividend payments and electronic payment form:-

Call or visit :

                     Koperasi Jayadiri Malaysia Berhad (KOJADI)

                     11th Floor, Wisma MCA,

                     163 Jalan Ampang,

                     50450 Kuala Lumpur

                     Wilayah Persekutuan

                     Tel: 03-21616499

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